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The most current firmware (v1.13) was released in May 2022. Our pedals ship with the latest firmware. If your pedal was shipped around this time, your device may already have this firmware on it. If your pedal was shipped in June 2022 or later, your pedal already has the latest firmware. 

If you want to check which firmware is on your pedal, complete the following steps:

  • Enter Global Configuration by holding the Shift button and Phrase Looper button simultaneously. Amber lights animate, indicating you are in Global Configuration. Release the Shift and Phrase Looper buttons. 

  • Next, tap the Reverse button (beneath the Phrase Looper button) 3 times rapidly. 

    • If the Mosaic, Haze, Tunnel, and Strum LEDs illuminate, you have the latest firmware (v1.13)

    • ​​If the Mosaic, Haze, and Tunnel LEDs illuminate, you have an older firmware (v1.12)

    • If an LED in the Glitch Effects bank illuminates, you have an older firmware (v1.1)

    • If no LEDs illuminate when performing this test, your pedal has the oldest firmware. 

Need to update?


Microcosm can receive firmware updates via MIDI. If you have an older firmware and do not have a MIDI interface, feel free to email us.


If you have a MIDI interface already, you're all set! Head to the link below to update Microcosm's firmware from your browser.


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