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We are not currently hiring at this time. However, if you are interested in potential future opportunities, feel free to apply for the positions listed below! Fill out the form and attach your resumé at the bottom of the page to submit an application. Please keep in mind we do not offer remote work positions, so you must be local to Knoxville, TN.


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Shipping position job responsibilities include: - Processing orders and preparing corresponding daily shipments - Inspection of product to confirm quality-control standards - Printing shipping labels - Packaging products - Boxing assembled pedals into final packaging - Routine Shipping prep- building packaging & shipping boxes, pairing power supplies with regional blade, stocking materials - Assembling merchandise orders (t-shirts, pins, etc.) - Logging shipment data - Staging and handing off packages to couriers - Regular end-of-day shop reset QUALIFICATIONS - Strong organizational skills - Communication and coordination experience - Attention to detail - Basic computer proficiency required.


RESPONSIBILITIES - Performing complete assembly of production units - Pulling & preparing material: detailed inspection of enclosures, components, hardware, and electronics prior to assembly. - Building units: using hand tools to assemble products involving delicate materials, small components, and electronics. - Assigning & logging product serial numbers - Organizing built product - Conduct Quality Control Checks - Testing units for functionality, evaluating the product operation both auditorily and physically - Troubleshooting malfunction - Detecting & reporting issues or irregularities - Performing unit repair - Writing daily production reports - Receiving and stocking incoming shipments, preparing outgoing shipments - Cleaning and maintaining a personal and shared workshop environment ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES - Preparing customer shipments, including pulling items for an order, assembling the packages for finished units, final inspection, and packaging pedals for shipping.  - Printing shipping labels - Loading courier pickups REQUIREMENTS - Precision when working with small components - Strong organization skills, effective time management, attention-to-detail, and ability to meet daily production goals. - Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.  - Basic computer proficiency - Must live in the Knoxville area (not eligible for remote work). - General knowledge of music technology and basic understanding of musical equipment (audio interfaces, guitars, guitar amplifiers, synthesizers, music software). - Experience using effects pedals & playing music - Must have reliable transport to work - Covid-19 vaccination is required. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS The following are not requirements for this job, but any strength in these areas is a plus:​ - Experience working with electronics - Prior soldering experience

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