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Microcosm Demo Video

Microcosm Demo by Hologram

A short feature demo of Microcosm by Hologram Electronics.


Phrase Looper Overview

Looper Pedal

Create a Track Using Burst & Quantize Looper Configurations

Looper Pedal Demo Thumbnail

Building a Track Using Drums, Guitar, and Synthesizer

Microcosm Reverb Pedal

Independent FX

Microcosm on Drums
Glitch Effects Pedal

Glitch Presets

Granular Effects Pedal Demo

Reverb Modes

Guitar Pedal for Synthesizers

Soft Sounds

Hologram Microcosm MIDI Sync

MIDI Sync & VST Instruments

Hologram Microcosm and Omnichord

Microcosm + Omnichord

Microcosm and acoustic guitar

Microcosm + Acoustic Guitar

Hold Feature Thumbnail.png

Hold Feature

Hologram Microcosm and Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander

Microcosm + EQD Bit Commander

Hologram Microcosm and Banjo

Microcosm + Banjo

Hologram Microcosm Feedback Loop

Microcosm Self-Generated Feedback Loop

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